(日本のヴィジュアル系はどうやって「ジュイス・デ・フォーラ」という町に住んでいたブラジルの青年男女の人生を変えましたでしょうか ?)

How has visual kei changed the lives of young Brazilians in the city of Juiz de Fora?

That’s what the short documentary titled “J-FORA KEI” (J-フォーラ系) is all about. Directed by Leo Amon, Script/Research by Marcos Vinícius and Graphic Art by Gabriel Patrocínio, the production tells the story of Brazilian young adults who decided to start bands and to write songs in the Japanese language, therefore developing a very uncommon and interesting local music scene totally inspired by the Visual Kei and J-Rock in the city of Juiz de Fora. The documentary had its premiere on October 27 at the “Primeiro Plano” Film Festival (2017), participated in the KINOLIKBEZ X (2019) – Documentary Festival in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The mini-doc is on translation process and as soon as possible it’s gonna be available on Youtube in English, Japanese and Russian subtitles.

p.s: There will also be an Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Digital Album available for FREE DOWNLOAD.


[Dirigido por Leonardo Amorim, Roteiro de Marcos Vinícius e Arte por Gabriel Patrocínio, o documentário J-FORA KEI estreiou dia 27/10 no Primeiro Plano Festival de Cinema (2017) e participou do KINOLIKBEZ X (2019) – Festival de Documentario de São Petersburgo na Russia. A principal intenção da produção 100% independente é contar um pouco do que foi vivenciado pelas bandas, além de rememorar tudo aquilo que o Visual Kei do rock Japonês inspirou os entrevistados a organizar e produzir, tendo a cidade mineira de Juiz de Fora como cenário].


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